Coffee Travel Mugs Never Looked So Respectable!

Published: 11th April 2010
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Travel mugs are available in all shapes and dimensions. Please don't buy a cheap gas station travel mug! There is a lot to consider before you just toss hard cash out the window. There are a whole lot of cut-rate mugs out there. The community grocer is NOT the place to purchase a travel mug. If you follow my advice you won't go wrong in your search for the right travel mug.

This guide is written to give a brief outline of the things to contemplate when shopping for a travel mug.

Meditate about how and where you will be using your mug. Will you be hauling it around at work, or using it in your automobile? If you will be using your mug at work, you may want to contemplate buying a mug with a nice wide foot, so you don't knock it over on your desk.

As the name suggests, a travel mug is commonly used on the move. If you will be imbibing coffee in your automobile then you should contemplate your cup holder. Cup holders are the downfall of many an vehicle. Some may hold whatever thing you throw at them, while others can only accommodate a 12 oz beverage can. Make sure your cup holder can have capacity for whatever mug you choose, especially if it has a handle. I know I myself like to have a handle on my travel mug, but some automobile cup holders will not fit a mug that possesses a handle placed too low. There are some travel mugs that have one piece handles that fasten to the top of the mug only, allowing the bottom to fit steadily in your automobile's cup holder.

At this moment you may well desire to think about how much coffee you will be imbibing between refills. Do you necessitate a large 16 oz mug, or will a 12 oz travel mug be sufficient? Remember, that a big coffee mug is a tedious coffee mug.

Think heat! Do you enjoy your coffee scorching, or luke warm and nasty? If you plan on going further than a half hour between refills then you will require a double insulated, or thermal insulated travel mug. The less surface area a mug has the better job insulation can perform. A low profile mug will commonly preserve heat longer than a skinny mug. The problem with a squatty mug is the cup holder issue.

Construction, construction, construction? Is stainless steel your thing, or do you fancy plastic? You can't go wrong with stainless steel, and ceramic adds a good insulating factor. Double insulated stainless steel travel mugs that are stainless on the inside and out are very nice, but combining ceramics and steel is awesome. Stainless steel looks good and it endures. Purchase the appropriate mug and you can hold on to if for a long time.

The next thing to contemplate is the mug's lid. The lid is in fact the thing that makes a travel mug a travel mug. Unless you like taking a bath in 165 degree coffee while traveling 70 mph, you will want to find a travel mug with a secure fitting lid with a high-quality slip slider. Some lids have wobbly fitting swivel closures. Those typically don't work very well. Those kind will leak coffee like a sieve. Stick with a secure fitting slip slider, or some other safe and sound stopper.

An additional thing to point out is not all lids fasten to mugs in the identical way. Most travel mug lids have a lower section that fits within the mug. They are held with rubber gaskets. These are by far not the most safe and sound lids. They may and will come off if you knock them over too hard. The least likely to come off lids are screw on. They still necessitate some sort of gasket to stop leaks, but the lid itself will stay put. You may have to do some serious shopping around to discover a stainless steel mug with a screw on lid, but they are out there.

Now that you've found your dream coffee mug, take good care of it. I've never seen a double walled travel mug that may be washed in a dishwasher. You should wash your mug by hand. Make sure you don't immerse it in water also. Double insulated mugs consist of an inner and outer shell that is glued together with a top ring. If you immerse it long enough water will ooze into the inner walls and destroy your mug.

I expect this piece has assisted you with your travel coffee mug endeavors. If you want to know where to get THE BEST travel mug I've ever found, check out our Stainless Steel and Ceramic Travel Mug. If you are not in to the ceramic and stainless-steel thing then check out our other coffee travel mugs.

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